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反正就这么一点也没什么版权不版权的了吧。。Volume I Beginning of the voyageChapter 1 the wormhole

The name of our main character, or one of the main characters of our story, is Xiao Zishan.

Xiao was born in the late 1970s. He was an averaged person, with averaged looks and talents, from an averaged family. He wasn’t a man who would like to strive hard when he was a student, but thanks to the enrollment expansion, he was succeeded to be into a university anyhow.

After his graduation, he had worked in several companies around the Pearl River Delta, biting at baits of black-hearted bosses, dreaming of unrealistic lives. Finally, he settled down in a foreign-funded company, served diligently for his averaged salary. 7 years has passed; Xiao was almost 30 years old but still not able to have his own apartment. Reading history and some other unpopular books was almost his only entertainment. He has had a girlfriend, or at least he believed so, because he was no longer a virgin anymore; but yet he could not even remember her face quite clearly, so every year he still joined in the Singles Day celebration.

The weather was very bad at the night when our story began. In the past fortnight, lightning was flashing in the dark sky almost every night, sometimes followed a storm, sometimes thunder. People had been frightened by rumors about a coming big earthquake for quite a few days, but were already not sensitive at all since nothing serious had ever happened. Xiao Zishan get off a bus with a stream of yawn and his swollen eyelids, limp legs, disordered hair. A sloppy appearance of the working poor. He had not been home for more than 24 hours, since this newly-promoted regional manager had to work for a long long time in his office, producing piles of statements, trying to explain all the expenses, which were totally a mess, for the sake of the coming scrutiny from superiors. These works had brought him enough headache.

It would be so wrong if you accuse him to be responsible for these accounting records. Xiao was officially in this position for only 3 months. In the past 7 years, he had always been a regional sales representative, steady as a root, while his superiors were changing again and again, just like the leaves above.

3 months ago, the superiors changed again, leaving piles of invoices and reports that cannot be explained easily as usual. But this time, there is an unusual thing, that Xiao was appointed the regional manager.

If this appointment could come 2 years earlier, Xiao would be so grateful to the company as to shed tears. But now, the only word he wanted to tell his past and present superiors was “f**k”.

His company had shown trend of recession since the global financial crisis last year. All his familiar colleagues in the regional office had resigned one by one. Time was very abundant to him, as there are few businesses to deal with. And no raise, no further instructions after his recently promotion. With his career experiences, he was clever enough to figure out that this is an early sign of the cancel of this regional office. He was only a caretaker, and would lose this job as soon as all the affairs were finished.

However, he had to finished the documents, just for a few more months’ wage, which had not been raised for many years.

Xiao sighed for the twentieth time. He had a big travel bag with him. This bag is one of the many giveaways from the sale campaign of his company over the years, as well as all the stuffs in the bag. There were kitchen aprons, undershirts, toothbrushes, ball pens, and many other small wares of poor quality. Almost none of these stuffs were useful to him, but he took all of them nevertheless. Poverty stifles ambition——this could be the most suitable saying for him.

His rented apartment could be described as clean and tidy. After a bath, Xiao’s energy was excited, so he opened his computer at random.

Orson Welles once said, lottery is the pain killer to the poor. The internet then was the opium to people like Xiao. There are online games, BBS or web fictions, which he was reading every day.

Xiao had been a quasi-literary youth before his graduation, he had turned quite a lot pages from different kinds of book and he would like to write something, but limited by his talent, he hadn’t become a professional writer. After a few years of employment, he drove all the romances out of his mind, despite their profound and significant meanings. He had seen enough reality of the society and needed no more novels for extra thoughts. He changed to prefer fictions about time travel to the past and changing the history. This preference may be attribute to him being a historical enthusiast and always dreaming of changing history. Anyway, he got to read these fictions every day, just like, in his self-mockery, “mental masturbate”.

Besides the “mental masturbate”, he browsed several BBS every day. Just like the addicted, he would feel something missing if he hadn’t visit those BBS. He, of course, wasn’t some kind of “man of the forum”, but he thought that all sorts of information, theories and knowledge, all kinds of discussion, argument, all the varied humanity on the BBS, even the those who talked as a saint and acted as a lecher, were much more interesting than the real society which is filled all by masks.

Logged on the BBS, he browsed the “most popular posts today” as usual.

“I have found a wormhole to Ming Dynasty! Absolutely true!”

Reading this title, Xiao could not help laughing. People got stupid as they reading time travel fictions nowadays? Or they are all unsatisfied with their present situation and eager to seek entire new lives in another world?

And then he found that this was posted by Wen Desi, a man he admired. Wen is kind of a “Survival enthusiast” who had extensive knowledge. Very few people could consider so much detail of time travel and wild survival as Wen did. Unfortunately, Wen didn’t write time travel fictions, otherwise Xiao would certainly follow every ride of the fiction—of course, without any money paid.

“Well, just another whimsy of him.” Xiao Zishan clicked on the title. His life was changed by this click.

Or in a conventional saying, “The wheel of fortune had begun to spin.”

$&One week later$&

“This is the wormhole?” Xiao Zishan looked at the shiny thing in front of him carefully. Strictly speaking, this object was a circle, not quite regular, with a little bit blue light emitting from the hole. It was not far from his imagination, despite the light was not that strong and the size was not that large. The wormhole was only as large as the mirror in the bathroom.

“Quite a small one.” Said Wang Luobin. Wang and Xiao were the first ones who contacted Wen and decided to have a look on the wormhole.

“You can expand it if you add some pressure on its edge.” Wen Desi was sitting on the toilet cover, the bathroom seemed a little crowded with three men inside, “This hole can become large or small when you put a force on the diameter, symmetrically. The expansion or contraction is simultaneously happened in both universes.” Wen explains, “When the diameter contracts to about 210mm, the wormhole will close and lost the ability to connect the two universes.”

“Are you sure we can travel across it back and forth?” In Xiao Zishan’s knowledge, time travel was a one-way thing, one could travel time when he was knocked by a car, struck by lightning, or by most gentle method, he had to get lost. Anyway, the traveler could never come back.

“If I were not able to come back, how did I post on the BBS and how did you guys gather here?” Wen said, “By the way, I think when we travel through the wormhole, the location in that universe is the same as in this one.”

“You should have used this lucky to buy lotteries.” Xiao muttered, “The possibility of finding a wormhole in your bathroom is far less than that of winning the first prize!”

“This is better than any first prize!” Wen Desi smiled, seemed quite satisfied, “Is there any lottery where you can win a world?”

“Wen, you’ve always said that the best way of time travel is single man, two-way.” Wang Luobin remembered the discussion on the BBS.

“Exactly.” Wen pointing at the wormhole. “Do you know what is behind this? A whole world!” He waved this arms in the air excitingly. “By this, I can own a planet, a universe!”

“Conquer a world all by yourself?” Xiao Zishan doubt it seriously.

“That’s why I post those on the BBS…” Wen seemed to be unwilling, “Besides, the universe on the other side of the wormhole is not very pleasant.”

“Which universe?”

“Probably Tianqi years of Ming Dynasty. I’ve found coins of those years.”

Xiao and Wang draws a deep breath. There is one kind of people running amuck in this new world found by Wen—the eunuchs.Chapter 24 Trouble of Gao Ju

The weather was not hot at all, but Gao Ju was sweating heavily in this cool morning.

Don’t be mistaken, although Master Gao was already in his middle age and a little bit overweight, but overall he was a healthy and strong man, nothing like those fatty rich men who had to take tonics before they met their concubines.

His arms might not be enormous enough for a horse walking on them, but he had indeed faced dozens of muskets without batting an eye. This strong man sweated in this spring morning which was not hot at all.

A month ago, Gao received a letter from Eunuch Yang, which says the eunuch’s adopted son, Yang Tianliang, had been sent to Guangzhou, discussing “some important issues” with him. Gao Ju was anxious, he really could not be sure of what issues they would be.

Half of his earnings was becoming contributions to the eunuch. Gao was very distressed about that, but he did know that all thanks to Eunuch Yang’s protect, his business had met more scared than hurt. So he always sent every penny of the eunuch’s profit sharing to the capital, or deposited that money at the specified pawnshop in Guangzhou.

Gao sent precious fruits to the eunuch every summer, rare wild animals every winter, he had not even given the eunuch the cold shoulder for just one day. Now this Eunuch Yang junior was coming for him to discuss some “important issues.” Important issues? Gao smiled bitterly. He was just a business man, having nothing to do with those issues important to the lords in the court.

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He wasn’t a man who would like to strive hard这句总感觉有点怪怪的。

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He wasn’t a man who would like to strive hard这句总感觉有点怪怪的。



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