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Dawn-star of Lingao


Time-traveling back to the troubled-time is not an accident, it’s the choice subjects to their own desire.


Some of them tend to reign and conquer, some tend to save the people from the trouble, some tend be the obstacle-prevent the last lashing which posed by the uncivilized to the civilized,thus change the destiny of Chinese nation.


Some just tend to have several concubines and wives,to live a luxurious life  can not possess nowadays.


These masses are double-minded, each with their  own axe to grind,possess no momentum to be the ruler and halo to be the protagonist. They crammed into a old freighter, the only things they have are modern machine, technology and methodology.The time-travelers carry the ambitions,aspirations and inspirations which can not come true at present, sailing to the late Ming dynasty(1627),the troubled-time.  



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Chapter 1:arrival of the worm hole.


One of the protagonists of this story ,named Xiao Zishan.


Xiao born in late 70s.He is an ordinary manrdinary family,ordinary appearance and ordinary gift,he is not a aggressive and ambitious man,therefore he did not doing well in his education.Fortunately,he gained opportunity from the enrollment expansion of university,appeared to be a college student.


After graduated from university ,he has worked in some Pearl-River-Delta-based enterprises,has been shanghaied by several employers who tend to exploit their subordinates a lot,has dreamed unrealistic dreams.Thanks god,ultimately he found a well-paid job in one foreign company ,worked diligent and consciously to earn his salary-this sort of condition lasted about six or seven years ,now he still live in others’ house ,turned into 30-years-old in the blink of an eye.Entertainment never be his flavour,but history,and he is fond of the byway books.He had has a relationship,yes,was a virgin no longer.Yet,before the story was unfolded,the appearance of his ex-girlfriend has nearly escaped from his mind-he remained the mess who had to celebrated the Double-eleven(bachelors’ day).


Our story started at one night,the weather of that night is not good ,lighting danced in the pitch-dark sky-this kind of condition lasted approximately half month,sometimes it rains cats and dogs after lighting comes,sometimes it lends the rolling thunder.It has been a long time that the rumor came said there would be the earthquake,and people get used to this rumor for its long-existed state.Xiao Zisan got off from a bus with the ywan,his eyelids were swollen,lassitude took hold of his legs,and he carried the disordered hairs,posed a working-poor look.He had not been home since the day before yesterday.As a up-start regional manager,he had to be well-prepared for the check of superiors,and was force to do statements-especially where a large number of expense went,for a long time.This kind of stuffs indeed were the trial of him.


It is unfair to say that Xiao is the taker without effort of the company.He just officially took his position in less than three months.Before that ,he has hold the inferior post as regional representative for six or seven years.The people in high-level has changed so quick,but he remained stable.


Three months ago,the recommendation of leadership occurred again,left mass of in-comprehensible reports and invoices as usual.The difference this time from others is,he was named as the regional manger.


He definitely would be profound grateful for the company if he reached this position two years ago,but now,Xiao Zisan just want to throw f-word for the superiors -no matter the former one or the present one.


Under the global recession started last year,the company appeared to be paralytic,the familiar face in the the regional office disappeared one by one.Even so,he can tackle the work which were left by others,leisurely.This appointment came even without promotion of the salary which remain immobile for many years,and without the any indication of the business operation.Drawing conclusion form his nearly seven-years-long career experience,he recognized it is the omen of dis-mission of the regional office.He was the person who coped with the aftermath,when the things is over,he had no choice but go.


But the work need to be done,for the sake of his salary.


Xiao Zisan sighed.He carried the big gripe-sack,the stuffs within this gripe-sack including  this gripe-sack itself are the promotional items left in the office:kitchenware,undershirts,toothbrush,ball-pens and other things.They all are the small items with poor quality.Few of them are useful for him.But the greedy mind commanded him to take these things home.As a old say goes ”Poverty acquaint men with strange bed-fellows.”,this can not fit him more.


The rental house is nearly clean and tidy.He took a shower here,shower stimulated him,then he turn his computer on,started surfing the Internet.


“The lottery is the opium of poor.”Orson Welles once said.The opium of the mess like Xiao Zisan may be the Internet.No matter the online video-game,BBS or the web-novel he reads everyday.


Xiao Zisan can be classed as the half literary youth,he had read several assorted books hastily with thinking,and also was the men fond of the letter.For the limited gift,he can not be the men of the letter.He relinquished the every literary novel weather the profound one or the meaningful one after he began to work.The very reality of the society has seized his mind,no need for the novel to lend him some emotions.The best one he would love to read,are the unrealistic and fancy books about history,talk about the time-traveling or history-changing some sort of things.This flavour may be resulted on his hobby and the idea to change the history.He read a little every day,as his self-mockery goes,it is mental masturbation.

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我推荐下 enlightenment of Lingao 这个译名

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我推荐下 enlightenment of Lingao 这个译名






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现在汉语拼音为源的英语词汇越来越多了,就叫Lin gao Qi ming也行,然后加个副标题解释或者干脆前言里解释,这本书注定小众,没必要去迁就太多老外的理解能力。

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之前讨论的morning star over lingao如何


第二层启蒙通过模仿red star over china表达

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He routinely browsed the BBS like the addicts expect his daily mental masturbation.Literally he was not the mogul in the BBS,the reason he browsed it is the stuffs provided by BBS are mixed,abundant,they are the assorted information,theories and knowledge.And also included the argument,disputes,colorful human nature,even the show which stared by some hypocritical thought-hybrid who was made by ideas of Marx and Lenin and hedonism.He presumed that is more interesting than cruel society.

He got the hottest feed of today as usual.

“Swearing to God.I found a worm hole to the Ming dynasty.”

When this title came into Xiao Zishan’s eyes,he can not help laughing.Did all person who read the time-traveling book are idiot?Or they just did not be satisfied with the reality,were thirty for this fancy?

Xiao take a attentive read,found it was created by Mr.Wen,Mr.Wen is one of the “man vs wild” Xiao Zishan admired so much in this BBS.Mr.Wen mastered in some problem related with time-traveling and survival in the Wilderness,moreover,he possesses wide learning and a retentive memory.The only pity is Mr.Wen never wrote the time-traveling novel,otherwise Xiao would definitely read his work-of course the private one.

“Maybe the another fancy of Mr.Wen.”He idly clicked the post.And this click forever changed his destiny.

In a word,”The change is coming to his fate”.

One week later.

“That is the worm hole?”Xiao Zishan observed the illuminate body with careful mind.Technically,it is not the regular circle.It possess a few blue light,perfect-matched his imagination of the worm hole.The difference between that two is this circle’s halo is not brilliant as he thought,and the size is smaller-just as big as the normal mirror.   

“Very small.”Wang Luobin said,same as the Xiao,he was the first batch of persons who decided took a look after the communicated with the Mr.Wen.

“We can expand the the edge of the worm hole via pressing it.”Mr.Wen place himself beyond the lid of toilet,and the bathroom appeared a little crowded when there are three men here,”We can make this hole bigger or smaller by lending the pressure on the symmetrical diameter direction.And the change is synchronous in both space-time.”Wen Desi explained,”When the size of worm hole reached 210mm,it would close automatically,can not work any more.”

“It really can travel the time and travel back?”In Xiao’s mind,the time-traveling is one-way,basically occurred by accident,the gentler one is like getting lost,generally time-traveling can not travel back.

“I could not post the information,and you all could not be there if it can not travel back.”he said,”I supposed that the place we arrived is same as the place we set out.”

“You should buy the lottery,Mr.Wen.”Xiao Zishan muttered,”Found a worm hole in a bathroom,the possibility is nearly zero.”

“It is better than jackpot.”Mr.Wen laughed,”Is there any lottery rewarded you a new world?”

“Mr.Wen,didn’t you always said,the single-person two-way time-traveling is the best?”Wang Luobin recalled the discussion posted on the BBS.

“Of Course.”Wen Desi pointed to the worm hole,”But the thing behind this,is the new world!”He waved his arms excitedly,”We can own the earth,even the universe via this hole!”

“By yourself?”Xiao said it with the doubt.

“Thus,I post that feed.”Wen argued,”Plus,that is not a cheering space-time.”

“How about the date?”

“Perhaps the era of emperor Tianqi’s ruling,I found the Tianqi Tongbao(name of Chinese ancient currency).”

Xiao Zishan and Wang Luobin both gasped with surprise-the new world Mr.Wen found,is the era under tranny of the eunuchs.

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之前讨论的morning star over lingao如何


第二层启蒙通过模仿red star over china表达


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建议楼主注意一下英文标点的使用,特别是和空格的关系。目前这样放进 word 都是一片红。

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建议楼主注意一下英文标点的使用,特别是和空格的关系。目前这样放进 word 都是一片红。 …


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几个人的小意见。一是像“shanghai”表示“拐骗”这种大概算外国对中国的stereotypes?避免使用比较好,而且在这里意思也不太对。二是像“Thank god”这种有基督教文化背景的表达放在中国的小说里也比较奇怪。三是像“thus”和“via”这种词感觉比较书面,用在口语里不太合适。